Price list and opening hours

Price list

Kids 2 years and older249 Kč349 Kč
Adults139 Kč169 Kč
Family** (2+2)699 Kč999 Kč
1 hour kids entry
(weekdays except holidays)
149 Kč 

249 Kč

1 hour adult entry
(weekends and holidays)
99 Kč 

129 Kč 

Additional information

  • * Weekend prices are also valid during holidays (spring, summer, autumn, Christmas, Easter, national etc.)
  • ** 2 adults, 2 own kids - every other kid 150 Kč (weekdays) 200 Kč (weekends, holidays)
  • Seniors and handicaped people entrance fee is 99 Kč
  • Child = person 2 - 18 years old 
  • Children up to 2 years for FREE 
  • You can pay cash or by card
  • All attractions and gaming tables are included in the entry fee except for electric cars, air hockey and table football

Price list for groups, collectives, schools and kindergartens

  • Price list, special offers and more information can be found here


Electric cars20 Kč
Table football20 Kč
Air hockey20 Kč
Socks30 Kč
Non-slip socks Toboga50 Kč

Permanent pass for 5+1 entries

Child weekdays1 245 Kč
Child weekends1 745 Kč
Adult weekdays695 Kč
Adult weekends845 Kč
Family (2+2) weekdays3 345 Kč
Family (2+2) weekends4 995 Kč

Opening hours

Weekends and holidays
10:00 - 19:00


For how old children is the park suitable?

Park is suitable for children from 0 to 13 years old, but adults can also have fun here. Children below 2 can come for free and there are several attractions designed especially for them.

Do you have special offers?

We have a special family ticket (2 adults and 2 kids). Seniors pay just 109 CZK. Children below 2 years and handicaped people can enter for FREE. Hour-long entry is also for a special price.

How does the hour-long entry works?

When you come to the park, you will tell us the number of persons and the amount of time you can spend here. You can choose an hour-long entry, which is cheeper. If you select the 1 hour entry, you'll pay price for 1 hour plus deposit. In case you stay longer, the deposit won't be returned to you and you will pay the standard fee. So you don't have to worry, if your children want to stay and play longer, you can stay how long you want. If an hour is enough, you show your ticket when you leave and the deposit will be returned to you.

How much time we should spend in the park?

We recommend a day-long trip, so you can enjoy a whole day here. You can have something to eat in our restaurant. If you have small children, who don't have enough energy for a whole day, you can choose an hour-long entry or visit Bongo at Wednesday afternoon when the park is opened only for small children. Many visitors also choose 2-hours-long stay from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. Come and find out what is best for you.

Why the adults have to pay?

Our parks are suitable not only for kids, but also for their parents. Our aim is to offer a place where you can spent time together playing and exercising. All the attractions are suitable for adults and meet strict safety standards. So you can enjoy them with your kids and have fun just like when you were little.

Do you offer gift tickets?

Yes, you can buy a gift ticket - for kids and adults, family ticket, weekend ticket or weekday ticket. If you want something more special, you can choose gift vouchers for our events - Night in the park for children or Evening for adults.


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