TOBOGA Fantasy Prague

Unique entertainment park for the whole family in all weathers

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Monday - Wednesday
14:00 - 19:00
Thursday - Sunday
10:00 - 19:00
10:00 - 19:00

About the Toboga park

TOBOGA Fantasy is a large children playground with many attractions for children as well as adults. In the Czech Republic, this one-of-a-kind fun park is unique in the number of attraction, size of the playground and its entire scope.

On the area of over 6 000 m2, there are many attractions that offer unforgettable experiences for both children and adults. Each of them takes you into the world of fantasy where everything is possible. In just one day, you can set out on an adventure on planet FANTASY, where only happy and playful people live.

Fantasy Fun Park Praha in Zličín is one of the TOBOGA fun parks, which you can find in Brno, Zlín and Hradec Králové. This fun park is the newest and biggest.

For safety and hygienic reasons, everyone can only enter the carpet and each attraction in socks (we recommend nonslip socks and sports clothing). You can buy socks at the reception. 

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What is going on

Celebrate your birthday and enjoy a great time in our Fantasy park It's so easy - we organize, you celebrate! Just choose the birthday party box and package, which will await the little guests. We also provide a lot of special offers such as birthday cakes and chocolate fondue. Don't miss the accompanying programme - the cake can be brought by the children's favorite mascot Monkey Bongo, and not only that, he will also pass through the park with the kids and show them how to properly play on the attractions. We organize competitions, creative workshops, face painting, or we can just look after your kid, so you can sit down, relax and enjoy your coffee. Team Toboga Fantasy will do everything to your satisfaction!


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