Birthday celebrations

  • We organize, you celebrate
  • Make a celebration according to your wishes
  • Choose birthday package and a cake
  • Order easily using online form 
  • Order package with pizza or burger - 3 days for celebration

Birthday parties are very popular. They make happy not only the children, but also their parents, who can enjoy their child’s birthday without stress. Therefore, we offer several birthday packages; you only have to choose. When you choose your package, you can also add an individual programme according to your wishes to ensure that your kid and his or her little friends will enjoy the day to the fullest. 

If you prove that your kind was born on the day of the celebration, he or she will get a gift voucher for free entry to the park that can be used for your next visit.

We accept orders for birthday parties with at least 5 kids, including the birthday kid. If there is less kids at the part, you have to pay for 5 kids anyway. Changes in the number of kids have to be announced at least 20 hours before the date of the party.

The birthday party can be ordered by phone, post or internet. In any case, you will receive an oral or written confirmation of your order. Cancelation of your order is free of charge and is possible at least 48 hours before the party date. If you have to cancel the party on a shorter notice and cannot set another date within the next 30 days, the company reserves the right to claim compensation for lost earnings.

Please note that your birthday package will be brought to your decorated table at the time selected at arrival. Other things can be ordered at a special cash desk dedicated to this type of orders at the gastro desk - it is possible to have an open account and pay the whole sum at the end.


  • Parents or persons accompanying the children are responsible for their safety.
  • It is forbidden to use paper confetti. In case of violation of this rule you will have to pay for the cleaning of the hall.
  • It is also forgidden to bring your own food and drinks (except for the birthday cake). We don't charge any extra fee for your cake.
  • The birthday celebrations cannot be paid by gift cards or coupons and there is no discount for the discount card.

Price list

The price of the packages is always for one child. You can only order a birthday party for 5 children or more (the birthday child and 4 birthday guests).

Offers outside of standard packages

  • birthday cake, various games
  • decoration 50 Kč
  • theme decoration (Frozen, Minions, Cars, Mickey, Spiderman..., 50Kč/Child.../
  • escort by our mascot - monkey Bongo (150 Kč/30 minutes)
  • after hours party (disco, second dinner, path of courage, night in the park!)
  • new girls party with wellness (bath, massage) (8 or older)
  • new boys party with tournament in table footbal or pool (8 or older)

All the birthday packages include
  • whole-day entry to the park
  • voucher for a free entry for the birthday boy or girl (applicable only for celebrations on the day of the birthday)
  • reserved birthday table and king's chair
  • gift for the birthday boy or girl
  • 7 and more kids - free entry for another adult
  • you can bring your own cake (bringing other food and drinks is forbidden)
  • token for toy cars
Package Description Tue-Fri Sat-Sun
Merkur 179 Kč 249 Kč
Mars   +   0,5 l draught lemonade, popcorn and candy 189 Kč 259 Kč
Venus   +   0,5 l draught lemonade, hot dog with ketchup or mustard 199 Kč 269 Kč
Země   +   0,5 l draught lemonade, french fries with ketchup or mayo 209 Kč 279 Kč
Neptune   +   0,5 l draught lemonade, french fries with ketchup or mayo, popcorn 219 Kč 289 Kč
Uran   +   0,5 l draught lemonade, hamburger 229 Kč 299 Kč
Saturn   +   0,5 l draught lemonade, 1/2 pizza according to daily offer 229 Kč 299 Kč
Jupiter   +   0,5 l draught lemonade, chicken nugets with french fries 229 Kč 299 Kč
Ufo   +   0,5 l draught lemonade, chicken breast with boiled potatoes 229 Kč 299 Kč


Mixed berries cake
Mixed berries cake
Raspberry cream cake
Raspberry cream cake
Honey cake
Honey cake
Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake

Birthday tables

We will decorate your birthday table and prepare it for your celebration. The decorations are included in the price. We also offer special decoration for a surcharge (Cars, Mickey, Frozen, Minions, Spiderman). Birthday tables are prepared in the lower level of the park as well as on the gallery, depending od the date of order and considering the age the children we prefer the lower level. There is always enough tables.

Booked birthday tables

Birthday table 1
Birthday table 2
Birthday table 3


(50 Kč/dítě Kč)
 Supervised competitions at the attractions 30 min
(50Kč/dítě Kč)
 Congratulation from Bongo the monkey who will bring the cake
(100 Kč Kč)
 Fun with Bongo the monkey in the attractions /30 min/
(200 Kč/30 min Kč)
 Wellness for girls
(od 100 kč/dítě Kč)
 Tournament for boys /football, pool, pingpong.../
(50 Kč/dítě Kč)
 Decorated table - selected theme /Cars, Minions, Hello Kitty, Frozen/
(50 Kč/dítě Kč)
 Wild berries cake
(400 Kč Kč)
 Raspberry and cream cake
(500 Kč Kč)
 Chocolate cake
(550 Kč Kč)
 Medovník cake
(450 Kč Kč)
 Kid's champagne
(75 Kč Kč)
(od 400 Kč Kč)
(od 400 Kč Kč)
 Cheese, Ham,...
(od 500 Kč Kč)
 Schnitzel plate - fried chicken 10pcs/1pc/50g
(400 Kč Kč)
 Schnitzel plate - fried pork 10pcs/1pc/50g
(450 Kč Kč)
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