Price list and opening hours

Price list

whole day

FRI-SUN, holidays
whole day


FRI-SU, holidays

Children above 2 years199 Kč299 Kč159 Kč199 Kč
Adults159 Kč169 Kč119 Kč119 Kč
Family 2+2*699 Kč869 Kč
Retired99 Kč109 Kč
Children under 2 yearsFreeFree (except friday  9-11)
ZTP and ZTP/P99109

Additional information

  • *Family 2+2 - every other own child weekends+ 200 Kč,weekdays 150Kč, verification needed
  • Weekend prices are also valid during holidays (spring, summer, autumn, Christmas, Easter, national etc.), entry time irrelevant 
  • Child = person 2 - 18 years old 
  • Children below 2 Free entrance
  • Friday morning "Cofeeteria" 9 to 11 a.m. per 100 Kč/hour, kids older then 1 year 50 Kč (not valid during holidays)
  • Groups need to be booked in advance
  • Babysitting must be booked in advance
  • Prices are subject to change
  • The carpet and attractions are accessible only in socks!

Price list for groups, collectives, schools and kindergartens

  • Price list, special offers and more information can be found here


Electric cars20 Kč
Air hockey20 Kč

Permanent pass for 5+1 entries

Family 2+23 395 Kč
Child1 195 Kč
Adult695 Kč

Opening hours

Saturday - Sunday, holidays
10 - 19
Friday "Cafeteria" for toddlers with parents (special price) - except holidays!
9 - 11
Everytime the park is open whole day (from 9 or 10) entrance fee is same like on weekends
Reservations -only with the ticket purchase on our e-shop at least a day before the visit.


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