Birthday celebrations

  • We organize, you celebrate
  • Make a celebration according to your wishes
  • Choose birthday package and a cake
  • Order easily using online form

Birthday parties are very popular. They make happy not only the children, but also their parents, who can enjoy their child’s birthday without stress. Therefore, we offer several birthday packages; you only have to choose. When you choose your package, you can also add an individual programme according to your wishes to ensure that your kid and his or her little friends will enjoy the day to the fullest. 

If you prove that your kind was born on the day of the celebration, he or she will get a gift voucher for free entry to the park that can be used for your next visit.

The birthday party can be ordered by phone, post or internet. In any case, you will receive an oral or written confirmation of your order. Cancelation of your order is free of charge and is possible at least 48 hours before the party date. If you have to cancel the party on a shorter notice and cannot set another date within the next 30 days, the company reserves the right to claim compensation for lost earnings.

Please note that your birthday package will be brought to your decorated table at the time selected at arrival. Other things can be ordered at a special cash desk dedicated to this type of orders at the gastro desk. 


  • Parents or persons accompanying the children are responsible for their safety.
  • It is forbidden to use paper confetti. In case of violation of this rule you will have to pay for the cleaning of the hall.
  • It is also forgidden to bring your own food and drinks (except for the birthday cake). We don't charge any extra fee for your cake.
  • The birthday celebrations cannot be paid by gift cards or coupons and there is no discount for the discount card.
  • You can book a babysitter to watch the children in case no adult is present.

Price list

The price of the packages is always for one child. You can only order a birthday party for at least 5 children or more (the birthday child and 4 birthday guests). You can book various games or Bongo mascot (150 CZK per 30 min)
The price always includes
  • unlimited entry on the day of the celebration
  • voucher for a free entry for the birthday boy or girl *
  • reserved birthday table with decorations (50,-)
  • gift for the birthday boy or girl*
  • 5 and more kids - free entry for 2 adults*
  • 7 and more kids - free entry for another adult
  • invitations with Tongo logo for the guests can be downloaded on the website
  • you can bring your own cake (bringing other food and drinks is forbidden)
  • token for toy cars
  • *special offer is valid only in the month of the kid's birthday (evidence needed)
Package Description Mon-Fri Sat-Sun
Sea Flower 199 Kč 299 Kč
Jellyfish   +   0,5l draft soda, popcorn a candy 229 Kč 329 Kč
Shrimp   +   0,5l draft soda,pizza 1/4 259 Kč 359 Kč
Sunfish   +   0.5 l draft soda, fries with ketchup, popcorn 289 Kč 389 Kč
Turtle   +   0.5 l draft soda, 1/4 pizza, popcorn 289 Kč 389 Kč
Dolphin   +   0.5 l draft soda, pizza 1/2 299 Kč 399 Kč
Žralok   +   0.5 l draft soda, chicken nuggets with fries 299 Kč 399 Kč


Fruit cake bigger
Fruit cake bigger
Chocolate cake
Chocolate cake
Honey and nuts cake
Honey and nuts cake
Kit Kat cake
Kit Kat cake
Ice Cream Algida
Ice Cream Algida


 Birthday table decoration allways
Balloons, tissues,confetti(50 Kč)
 Fruity cake
12 pcs(690 Kč)
 Chocolate cake
12 pcs(690 Kč)
 Honey cake
14 pcs(690 Kč)
 Kit Kat cake
12 pcs(850 Kč)
 Champagne for kids
0,7(119 Kč)
 Fruit platter
cca 600 g(150 Kč)
 Veggie platter
cca 600 g(150 Kč)
 Monkey boy Bongo
Plush toy wearing Tongo T shirt(269 Kč)
 Monkey Bongo for 30 minuts
Accompanying children to attractions and bringing a cake(300 Kč)
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