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Organize a school trip to our Tongo Hradec

Dear principal and teachers,

We would like to invite you to our Tongo Hradec park full of exercise and fun for the whole family. Before you look at our special offer, we would like to present you our park.

In our hall (2900m2) you can find a number of attractions, which offer unforgettable time not only for the children. Every attraction is a different island, so in just one day, you can travel the whole ocean.

All the attractions meet strict safety and hygiene regulations. Moreover, challenging attractions are accompanied by our staff to ensure safety. Therefore, any school, class, kindergarten or other group can enjoy an adventurous trip without stress and take an active break from the everyday school responsibilities. 

Tongo Hradec has nothing to do with the philosophy of a passive fun, which you can see for example at fairs, but on the contrary, all the attractions urge the kids to move and think and use them to play games. When overcoming the obstacles, kids also boost their confidence. There are no limits to fantasy in Tongo. Adventure, fun, exercise and happy children, who will keep coming back to our park.

Tongo park is large enough to accommodate whole schools. The great advantage is you don't have to worry about the weather and plan the trip ahead.

We believe, that you liked the idea of fun and learning and we look forward to seeing you in Tongo.

If it is too far for you to came to Tongo Hradec, you can choose from our other parks:

We look forward to your visit!

Price list

Pedagogical supervision has free entry and a complimentary cup of coffee or tea. Teacher can also have fun at the attractions!

251 - 300 kids 100 Kč
201 - 250 kids 110 Kč
151 - 200 kids 120 Kč
101 - 150 kids 130 Kč
51 - 100 kids 140 Kč
25 - 50 kids 150 Kč
Groups weekends and holidays for person 180 Kč


Every Wednesday morning during the school year (except on holidays and public holidays) from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. entrance fee just 60 Kč per child, teachers for free as usual and a complimentary cup of coffee or tea. Please note, that at the same time there also takes place Wednesday morning for mothers with toddlers (9:30 a.m. to 11 a.m.)

After school care

2 afternoon hours of fun, usually from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., just for 70 CZK per child, teachers for free as usual. This offer is valid only during the school year on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and not during holidays and public holidays.

Groups of kids - weekends, holidays, public holidays

Reservations in advance get 10% off the overall price.

  • entry for 3,5 hours - 159 CZK/kid, teacher for free
  • entry for more than 3,5 hours (whole-day entry) - 199 CZK/kid, 139 CZK/adult

Lunch packages

  • Lunch package for a special price for groups of kids and their teachers:
  • soda+stuffed pancake with whipped cream for 35 CZK
  • chicken strips with fries for a special price for 69 CZK
  • For each 15 ordered packages for kids 1 same package for the teacher for free


You can order your trip to our park here:

  • email:
  • phone number: 606 028 385


  • all the groups must be booked in advance
  • weekends can be book only rarely
  • the number of announced person cannot be exceeded, otherwise the persons have to pay the price list entry fee


Our family entertainment center or the restaurant are available for rent for family celebrations, corporate parties, children birthday parties, etc. 

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